Dr.Rita Bakshi

Dr Rita Bakshi is an eminent IVF specialist who has helped childless couples around the world to overcome fertility struggles through assisted reproductive technology (ART). She owns invaluable excellence in ART fields like IVF, ICSI, IUI and fertility disorders like endometriosis, PCOS and other ovarian dysfunctions. Dr Bakshi pursued her MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College (New Delhi), MD from Safdardung Hospital and has worked with leading institutions in Singapore, Germany and Belgium. She believes that every couple has the right to have a child and with this goal, she is working towards removing infertility from its grassroot level.

Mr Saarthak Bakshi

I am on a MISSION of helping couples with infertility concerns and believe in the vision of “Atleast One Child Per Couple”. After working at Ernst & Young and co-founding a gaming enterprise, I started working at Adiva, a women-centric hospital. I realised the value of fertility and how deep the problem of infertility actually was. This led to the founding of International Fertility Centre (IFC) in early 2011. Now, IFC has a network of over 14 clinics located across India and Nepal.

ICRFS at AIIMS organised by International Fertility Centre

ICRFS – International conference on Reproduction, Fertility, & Surrogacy organized by International Fertility Centre under Dr.Rita Bakshi’s guidance

BBC News – Dr. Rita Bakshi discussing Surrogacy

Dr. Rita Bakshi discusses Surrogacy, Surrogate mothers and their welfare

Zee News – Dr Rita Bakshi Interview on Menopause

Dr.Rita Bakshi talks about Menopause, its signs and how to cope with it on ZEE NEWS Program name Naari.

Zee News – Live Panel Discussion with Dr Rita Bakshi – Surrogacy Expert

Dr.Rita Bakshi discussing Surrogacy Treatment on Zee News.

Aaj Tak – Business of Sperm & Egg Donation -Dr Rita Bakshi

Discussion on business of sperm donation and egg donation .How they are useful for ivf treatment.

Aaj Tak – IVF Surrogacy in India

Detailed report on IVF and surrogacy laws implemented by Govt. of India for single parents.

Headlines Today Report – Eggs for Pocket Money – by Dr.Rita Bakshi

Discussion on the topic – Eggs for Pocket Money in Delhi with Dr. Rita Bakshi on Headlines Today.

India TV – Successful surrogacy treatment by grand mother

Video on surrogacy treatment and shows the achievement of surrogacy by grandmother. – Dr. Rita Bakshi INDIA TV Interview

India TV – Surrogacy and IVF

Discussing Surrogacy and IVF and its benefits to couples around the world.

Zee News – Cervical Cancer

Dr. Rita Bakshi discusses Cervical Cancer and its prevalence in India

Care WorldTV- Miscarriages and Recurrent Abortions

Interview by Dr.Rita Bakshi on the topic of miscarriages by women during pregnancy. What will be the treatment they can take to avoid miscarriages and can conceive easily through ivf treatment or surrogacy ?

Care WorldTV- Egg and Sperm Donation

Dr.Rita Bakshi discusses menopause and the need for egg donation. She also talks about sperm donation.

Care WorldTV- Fertility Treatment and IVF

Dr.Rita Bakshi talks about fertility, investigations on how to diagnose infertility and its treatments.

Care WorldTV- Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

Dr.Rita Bakshi shares her views on infertility and specifically discusses IUI, the procedure and its success.

Care WorldTV- Surrogacy

Dr.Rita Bakshi expainsSurrogacy, the need for Surrogacy incase of problems such as Multiple fibroids etc.

Star News – Female infanticide in India

Dr.Rita Bakshi speaking against Female infanticide in India

Pragya TV – Q&A With Dr.Rita Bakshi

On this program Dr.Rita Bakshi answers live queries related to pregnancy, gynecology and infertility. Part 1

Pragya TV – Q&A With Dr.Rita Bakshi

On this program Dr.Rita Bakshi answers live queries related to pregnancy, gynecology and infertility. Part 2

IFC Surrogate Home

Showing surrogate house where they are staying with all facilities.

Dr. Rita Bakshi in Conversation with Surrogate Mothers

Dr. Rita Bakshi Conversation with Surrogate Mothers at IVF & Surrogacy Centre Delhi

Infertility FAQs

Question and Answer session with Dr. Rita Bakshi on IVF and Infertility

IVF process explained by Dr. Rita Bakshi

A tour of IVF lab and IVF process is described by Dr.Rita Bakshi at international fertility centre, Delhi.

IVF Delhi IVF Centre Delhi | Delhi Fertility Centre

Dr. Rita Bakshi Explains the IVF, who needs IVF – miscarriage, endometriosis, IVF procedure

Surrogate Mother – Shobha Counselling session

Surrogate Mother Shobha – Indian Women being counselled in front of her husband and co-ordinator to become a surrogate mother at IFC, DELHI

Preliminary Procedures with Surrogate Mother

Preliminary Procedures with Surrogate Mother in India at International Fertility Centre in Delhi by Ivf Specialist Dr. Seema Bajaj.

Preliminary Examination of Surrogate Mother

Video with questionnaire to Indian Surrogates asking if she is actually aware about the procedure and not being forced into surrogacy by some coordinators by International fertility Centre India – Ivf Surrogacy Specialist Dr. Rita Bakshi

Baby Shower – Surrogacy Mother – Pushpa

Baby Shower ceremony for surrogacy mother Pushpa at IFC Delhi with Ivf Specialist Dr. Rita Bakshi distributing Sweets, Bangles and offers payer for the successful treatment.

International Fertility Centre Complete Solution for IVF, Infertility and Surrogacy

Video about IFC, the Centre, infrastructure, and their servicesoffered. A brief about Dr.Rita Bakshi.

Life of Surrogate Mother at Surrogacy

In this video shows IFC Clinic which manage a surrogacy home for surrogate mother, Dr.Rita Bakshi understand the need and requirement for surrogate and help them at our best.

Dr.Rita Bakshi expaining Surrogacy in India

Dr.Rita Bakshi Ivf Specialist explain and understand the requirement of a Surrogate Mother

Cancer Awareness by Dr. Rita Bakshi

Cervical cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in India and especially in women. Dr.Rita Bakshi is serving health sector for over 22 years and has specialized in different sectors like infertility, ivf, and surrogacy. International fertility centre in Delhi organizes cancer awareness camp for women in whom Dr.Rita Bakshi explains the cause and precautions for this cancer.