Surrogacy Cost in India


Dr. Rita Bakshi’s clinic based in New Delhi strives to provide available, affordable and accessible treatment to its entire community of patients. Our surrogacy cost in Delhi is at competitive prices and aims to every patient looking to start a family. Dr. Rita Bakshi has been helping prospective parents on the route to parenthood from past two decades. We believe that every couple who desires to have a child through assisted reproductive techniques in India should be blessed with the gift of parenthood. This is why, our experienced specialists along with a team of skilled embryologists, counselors and other staff will always be ready to help intended parents when they come to us and be a part of this unique journey.


Surrogacy Cost in India

The total package for surrogacy cost in India is one-third of the prices than western countries like US, Canada, Brazil and UK. The travel, boarding and lodging facilities are also inexpensive in India.

The comprehensive Package of the Gestational Surrogacy with Self-Eggs at our Centre is less than the Cost of Surrogacy with donor eggs as there are separate charges for the donor eggs.

Complete transparency regarding cost is being maintained at our centre between the intended parents, surrogate and our staff. There are no hidden charges demanded at any stage of the procedure other than the stated package.


It’s a full-fledged surrogacy package that covers all the surrogacy costs include:



  • Initial Consultations, detailed discussion, Blood Tests for Intended genetic parent (Father)
  • Infertility Workup of Intended Mother (Blood tests, Ultrasounds, etc)
  • Stimulation for IM Including all injections and Medications
  • Egg Retrieval Procedure
  • Sperm Washing and Analysis
  • IVF/ICSI and Blastocyst Culture
  • Recruitment & Preparation of Surrogate Mother
  • Investigations and Background check of Surrogate Mother
  • ART Bank Charges for Surrogate Mother


Surrogate Recruitment and Compensation

  • Surrogate preparation / medication
  • Surrogate and her coordinator compensation
  • Surrogate counseling and special care and diet for 9 months
  • Surrogate Monthly expense allowance
  • Background check for Surrogate


Surrogate Care

  • Antenatal Care / all medications / tests / scans for the surrogate
  • Surrogate – 24/7 access to Doctors
  • Surrogate’s hospitalization during pregnancy
  • Normal Delivery of the surrogate
  • Surrogate’s post delivery care



  • Legal – Gestational Surrogacy Agreement
  • Assistance with Medical Visa including all documents
  • Birth Certificate of the baby(ies)
  • Exit Documents Preparation
  • All administration and handling costs


Intended Parents will need to stay in New Delhi for 14 – 16 days. The stay can be shortened to 8 – 10 days if you can start some medications prior to your arrival in India with your local clinic.


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