Mrs. Rani Malik, IVF, Nepal

It has been 4 years since I married. We tried for pregnancy many times, but it never happened. I tried IUI, surgeries but was unable to conceive.

Mrs. Chandralaxmi, IVF, Nepal

I have been married for 7 years but still childless. In the beginning, I was told that my uterus is blocked and I must go through an operation.

Mrs. Veena & Mr. Hemchand, IVF, India

I have a great regard for Dr. Rita Bakshi. We have been married for 13 years. I was obese, weighed 94 Kgs.

Mr. Shivam Kumar, IVF, India

I started consultation with AIIMS first. And after two or three years of thorough check up, they told me that my wife will not be able to conceive.

Mrs. Kathy & Mr. George, Surrogacy, USA

We chose IFC because we were not able to carry a child. At first, I was very apprehensive in general because of doing surrogacy in India.

Mr. Raj & Mrs. Srividya, Surrogacy, USA

We are originally based from Hyderabad so we had initially considered Hyderabad for treatment.

Mr. Dean & Mrs. Kim, Surrogacy, USA

We are expecting twins in about twelve weeks. And we are so thankful to Dr. Rita, who is professional, helpful, and caring at all times.

Mr. Vijay & Mrs. Geeta, Surrogacy, USA

The staff is so kind and caring. Dr Rita Bakshi is such genuine and experienced doctors.

Mr. Raju Ahmed, Surrogacy, UK

At every stage, Dr. Rita Bakshi informed us that she will be at every step of the surrogacy process. She made things very easy for us and we headed for Surrogacy.

Mr. Rajender & Mrs. Poonam, IVF, India

Dr. Rita is an angel. She is simply amazing; she filled the colors of happiness in our life.

Mr. Debebe & Mrs. Almaz, IVF, Ethiopia

I chose this clinic because it is one of the renowned IVF clinics in India and with excellent credibility and success rate.

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